Lucca, 2012 Austrian Champion of Magic / Staatsmeister Mentalmagie 2012

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A magician is supposed to know how to keep a secret, but finally we can show you what we've filmed for TV more than 6 months ago. It includes a very special moment, causing one of the judges to say: "You are the biggest stars I've ever seen". Well, maybe she sees even more in the future than even we do. :-)
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  • video: our audition at Romania's Got Talent

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  • Our first successful audition at a Got Talent competition
For a long time we've been resisting requests to participate at talent competitions, but when Anca's native country called, she couldn't say no. If you watch closely, you will not only hear her talking in her mother tongue, but also realize that she was quite nervous. The night before the audition we had to drive the whole night through after two shows in Austria and even experienced a burst tyre at 5 a.m. on the way to Romania. All the more Anca was happy and relieved after delivering an unexpected highlight. See it for yourself at minute 5:08 in the "TV" paragraph (please scroll down!) at The whole clip including interviews you can watch here. In the first week of May we will return for the live semi-finals.

In the meantime we are not only working on our presentation for this semi-final but also on two new illusions for our stage show.

We hope to be able to send you new amazing clips soon!

Anca & Lucca

European Champion Mental Magic 2017-2020
Vice-World Champion Mental Magic 2015 - 2018
3 x Austrian Champion Mental Magic 2012, 2014 & 2016

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